Action: Connect

Connect the call to a given number, and in the case of an answer, let the two callers speak to each other. The callerid indicates who is calling. You can set it to one of your 46elks numbers. If you leave it out, it will default to the incoming caller’s number.


  "connect": "+46700000000",
  "callerid": "+46766861234", // Optional
  "next": "https://yourapp.example/elks/calls", // Optional


POST https://yourapp.example/elks/calls
Parameter Description
callid The unique id of the call in our systems.
result The result of the connect. Can be ”success”, ”failed” or ”busy”.


Due to mobile operator restrictions, incoming phone calls to Sweden mobile 46elks phone numbers can only be transferred to other Sweden mobile phone numbers.

Connect to multiple phones

It is possible to connect to multiple phones at the same time by supplying a comma separated list with the numbers. This will call all of the numbers at the same time and the first one to answer gets the call.

  "connect": "+46700000000,+46711234567,+46717654321"