SMS Delivery Reports (DLRs)


Set the parameter whendelivered while calling POST /sms to https://yourapp.example/elks/dlrs (or wherever your webhook code is). We'll make an HTTP POST (application/x-www-form-urlencoded) request to this URL when the state of the SMS changes. This happens when we receive confirmation from the carriers that the message was either delivered or failed.

You may use Basic Auth by using the "https://username:password@yourserver.example" url format. You may also include any extra information as query parameters like "https://yourserver.example/dlr?examplekey=examplevalue", for example if you have your own SMS id or need to add an auth-key.


POST https://yourapp.example/elks/dlrs

Request parameters

Parameter Description
id The unique id of the message in our systems.
status Either ”delivered” or ”failed”.
delivered The delivery time in UTC. Only included if status is set to delivered.

Response structure

Your webhook code must respond with a HTTP status in the range 200-204. If not, the API will consider the request failed and keep trying for at least 6 hours and at least 5 times per callback. The response body is ignored.