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This product is a Beta product. This means that it and the information is subject for change, updates or removal.
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Receive a conversation reply

Replies to conversations will be delivered with a POST request to the URL specified in the "reply_url" field when creating the conversation.


POST https://yourapp.example/elks/conversation_replies
Example payload

Request parameters

Parameter Description
id The unique id of the message in our systems.
from The sender of the SMS.
to The phone number the SMS was sent to.
message The contents of the SMS.
direction The direction of the SMS. Always ”incoming” for incoming SMS.
created The time in UTC when the SMS object was created in our systems.

Keep the conversation going

It is possible to respond to the webhook with a json object with the "reply" parameter to send out a reply to the incoming message.

  "reply": "Thank you for your reply"

If you expect another reply you can keep the conversation going by including "retain": true in the reply.

  "reply": "Ok, does Friday work better for you?",
  "retain": true

Response structure

Your webhook code must respond with a HTTP status in the range 200-204. If not, the API will consider the request failed and keep trying for at least 6 hours and at least 5 times per callback.