Customer Stories

We have some amazing customers here at 46elks who use our API for a range of use-cases. Here you can explore our customer stories and get inspired for your project.

hiveonline logo

Farmers in Mozambique expanding their business with the help of SMS

Sensefarm logo

Sensefarm uses SMS and Phone Call to alert property managers

Sverok Admin logo

Membership and administration made easy with automated SMS

Flarie logo

SMS for Authentication and a better user experience

Wavy logo

SMS helps Wavy simplify salon scheduling

Telehelp logo

Telehelp uses IVR and phone calls to assist help-seekers

- the smart way

SMS gets customers into their cars quicker

Dina favoritrestauranger på nätet

Online food made easier with SMS and Phone Call alerts

Zensum logo

Quick and easy communication with customers via SMS

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