Technology for Agriculture and Smart Cities

Sensefarm develops products and services to optimize yields by measuring soil moisture, temperature and precipitation. The core application areas are Agriculture and Smart cities, however, their technology is used in a variety of ways.

Soil moisture sensors enable their customers to monitor crops, trees or flowers and know precisely when it's time to water them. The probe is buried in the soil to measure moisture and several units can be added at different depths to increase understanding of rain impact before additional watering. Temperature sensors can monitor the temperature and humidity in any of your facilities whether it’s a warehouse or a greenhouse. This can help to avoid frost damaging your plants, buildings, storage and other inventory.

Sensefarm develops LoRaWAN-products (Low Range Wide Area Network). It’s a standard for wireless communication that allows IoT devices to communicate over large distances with minimal battery usage. Sensefarm’s Smart Gateway is the centre of the network and receives data from all the customers LoRaWAN sensors. It can receive sensor data from up to 15 km and connects to the internet via wired, WiFi or a GSM dongle.

How Sensefarm uses 46elks API to monitor 20 hectares of strawberries

A customer of Sensefarm grows 20 hectares of strawberries in open-air and tunnel systems. To protect the strawberries from frost and overheating to guarantee harvest in time for Midsummer, Sensfarm’s equipment has been used to measure air temperature. The sensors can now transmit information wirelessly from sensors in the strawberry field up to 600 meters away to the antenna on the farm. Staff who previously manually monitored measured values now can receive alerts from the Sensefarm cloud as SMS or Phone calls using the 46elks API.

flowchart showing how information flows through the Senseflow system and sends SMS

SMS and Phone Calls for Alerts

Sensefarm allows their users to add “actions” or “alerts” that respond to incoming data from sensors in their projects. Depending on the severity of the alert, customers may want, email, Slack, SMS notifications or Phone calls to update them. This is linked directly to the Sensefarm cloud where customers have access to all their data.

Why SMS and Phone Calls?

Sensefarm chooses to integrate 46elks into their service because it serves as a better alert than email or web-based communication. With the 46elks SMS and Phone call API, Sensefarm allows their customers to choose when they want to be alerted with SMS or Phone call reminders.

“Sometimes emails aren’t enough to alert our customers, with 46elks we can automate phone calls to ensure that our customers are alerted when they want to be" - Anders Hedberg, CEO, Sensefarm

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