Hungry pigs, lack of trust and other challenges

Manual records are easily lost or tampered with. Historically corruption has been a big challenge and mistrust in how cooperatives manage money is still a big challenge today. Working with paper records when tracking, calculating yields and managing reimbursements is time consuming. A hungry pig even at the records of a coop once. 🐷

A farmer using the hiveonline app on her cellphone

Great opportunity

It is estimated that 1.3 million households in Mozambique own cashew trees, and that theese trees could give them a meaningful steady income. Most agricultural farmers are dispersed and consist of small hold farmers that also produce many other types of crops.

Old fashioned banking - a roadblock.
Many of these small hold farmers are productive entrepreneurs that could and would like to invest in expanding their crops. When they turn to banks to get a loan, their applications are denied because they lack history with the bank and thus they’re not deemed credit worthy.

hiveonline brings digital tools to the table

hiveonline provides a digital a digital plattform ( ) where farmers can enter production plans, projections and report actual yeilds. Farmers can organize and collect savings together and then one or more members can take out a loan from the collective savings. When a loan is given or paid back an SMS receipt is sent to the farmer.

Digital traceable transactions and receipts help build trust in the system and everyone has their own digital track record readily available on their phone.

A farmer using the hiveonline app on her cellphone


A farmer using the hiveonline app on her cellphone

Using 46elks

Working with 46elks has been great because the product is easy to use, the team has great energy and is very responsive to questions and feedback.

46elks gives us the opportunity to communicate with our customers via sms. This is important as not all of the users have access to reliable internet that other types of instant messaging require. The 46elks team is very responsive and friendly and answers our questions in a timely manner.

About hiveonline

Hiveonline is a fintech startup with offices in Kigali, Rwanda, Stockholm and Copenhagen. Working together with farmers, cooperatives and nonprofit organizations like Save The Children, hiveonline is building better economies for financially excluded smallholders.

hiveonline - An upcoming startup rocket in fintech making a meaningful impact in the world. 🚀

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