New Voice Features

We are happy to announce our several new features for public release.  These features give you lots of power when it comes to voice technology and phone calls. Now you have access to the following:

Voice Recording: Record the callers voice at selected stages in your IVR menu, to create things such as "voice tickets". You can also use this to publish voice recordings to the web. Or why not build your own voicemail together with a web audio player.

IVR Menus: you can now create your own custom phone menus! Let the caller punch digits on his phone and give him requested information, or connect the caller to the right department. You can also use this to retrieve PIN codes or the customer no, before connecting the call to your call center.

Audio File Playback: Play WAV, MP3 and OGG files in your 46elks phone calls. Useful to inform the caller about specific information . You can also combine "play" with "connect" and let the caller know where he is being connected, before the call is connected. Also powerful to use with outgoing calls when you need to give the recipient important information.

We have also added related code examples and proper documentation for these features. As we mentioned before there are many features in the backend which are  being developed and in certain intervals we announce them publicly. If you desperately need a feature that is not in our documentation please always contact us, we might be working on it or it might be under beta testing for some of our users. Sky is the limit :)