November Reflections of 46elks

Wow. Time flies by so fast and month after month we are getting more users, more requests and more interest from the developers' community. November was a crazy month for us. First I attended a 24 hours business camp event. You can read my very short notes about this great event in an article which I wrote about it. In this event/hackathon, we sponsored a developer to build a customer support service based on our API with voice and SMS ability in just 24 hours. The experience was awesome and it was beautiful to see what I claim in the conferences is a reality and 46elks ecosystem is this much powerful. You never know. maybe someday this developer wants to continue this project and make his own startup.

Right after 24hbc, I attended Slush conference. This was my second time in Helsinki and the conference scene just blew up my mind. It was huge and big. Lots of entrepreneurs, 100 startups to pitch and great speakers and investors around. That was perfect spot for me to catch the eyes of great investors that I would love to have cooperation in the future.

There was a startup competition which among them, the winner was ovelin, the developer of "wildchords" in apple appstore. The idea was great and I managed to talk with the CEO to find out more about his vision. The app helps people to learn musical instruments and not to give up on learning of an instrument. It motivates the user via gamification so you dont want to quit :)

"After parties" of conferences are great place to meet tons of entrepreneurs, investors and speakers face to face and I took the chance to talk with CMO of Rovio (the company behind Angry Birds). As you might know his title in his business card is "mighty eagle" so here we go "Elk meets Mighty Eagle".

Pejman and CMO of rovio

Right after slush conference, we released our payment system in two currencies so our users could start using the platform in their businesses. Once again, I would like to thank all of our early adapters and users and we in 46elks appreciate your patience while we are enriching our platform. Like any other startup we have a lot to do but when it comes to serve our users and developers community, We try to be humble and do our best.

Another big news for us during the november was our partnership with SIME conference. They used our platform to get the questions from the audience via sms and also sending workshop registration info to the attendance via SMS as well. The conference was great with high profile speakers. I learned a lot when it comes to the digital marketing and design from that conference and did I mention our platform worked beautifully?!

There were other gatherings and conferences which I attended in Stockholm Which I will try to cover them in a separate post to talk about swedish entrepreneurship ecosystem in general. Time to pack for upcoming leweb in paris. Another dream of mine.